Niki Hodgson

I am a passionate spirit filled woman of God.  Mother of two and married to my best friend.  After spending 18 years in the Corporate arena as a planner in the Engineering Sector, I went on to become a business owner when I invested in and today manages my own company in the retail industry.

My greatest desire is to live a life sold out to God.  Continually seeking a deeper and intimate relationship with Christ Jesus, while surrendering daily to the Holy Spirit.

My hunger for a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus has propelled my to operate in my spiritual gifting and to serve the local church and surrounding areas.  By engaging with people through Mentoring programs, helping to encourage and uplift those who are hurt and broken through counselling and teaching while also presenting courses on Spiritual & Emotional Health.  As a radio personality God provided me with the skills to communicate effectively to people via broadcasting media.

Public speaking became apart of my ministry after being invited to teach on various platforms.

This blog was birthed after I realized just how much time I spent journaling and writing down personal experiences with God.

I am currently busy drafting my first book where I have been combining blogs from this page and my own testimony to teach and equip others in there own journey of faith.

Join me as we travel through the seasons of our lives.

The only thing that separates us, is the distance (journey) between us.

Niki Hodgson