I recently fell in love with the writing style of Erwin Raphael McManus.  Not only is he a Entrepreneur, Leading pastor and Public speaker, but he is also an amazing author.  I would like to share an exert from his book titled, The way of the Warrior.

The war to end all wars is the battle for the human heart.  I have been asked many times over the years why the Bible depicts God as a god of war.  I am always reminded that it is not God who created humanity to live in violence,  but rather it is humanity that chooses violence.

He writes, God is tainted by being part of our story, but the story of God is a story of peace.  He did not hope for peace; he fought for peace.  The language of God as a warrior came to exist because he intervened for the defenceless.  More than any of us, God understands the war that rages within and around us and longs to lead us to the end of violence.  We are people of war because we are a people at war.

He continues to say that the greatest enemies of peace within are worry and fear.

I have experienced that first hand.  Being so controlled by fear that I literally become sick.  For the longest time I knew I was being attached by fear, but I just could not gain control over my adversary.

One day however, the Lord showed me that not only did fear paralyzed me, but it also took hold of my territory.  All of a sudden I could see into the spiritual realm and what I saw shocked me.  I saw the spirit of fear encircling me.  Moving closer and closer each time.  I saw how he took away my liberty.


While worry will rob our joy, fear will steal our freedom, for what we fear establishes the boundaries of our freedom.  What we fear has mastery over our souls.  

Depression is how your soul processes regret; anxiety is how your soul processes fear, writes Erwin.

I found so much truth in reading the above sentences.  The day God showed me the enemy walking around me, like a predator, that day I got angry.  That day I began to wage war against fear.

In December of 2018, I received a phone call from a close family member.  She told me that God showed her a line being drawn in the sand.  A week ago, an amazing man of God prayed for me and as he did I believe the final battle was won.  In that moment I experienced the enemy bent a knee.  While I stayed in the presence of the Lord I saw myself drawing a line in the sand.  It immediately reminded me of the vision of December.  As I questioned God on the image I felt His answer pierce through my spirit.  “I drew a line in the sand months ago, but I was waiting on you to do the same.”

It dawned on me that we partner with God in this life.  We have to surrender our will to His will and as long as I insisted on doing things my way, nothing changed.  I have also learned that as long as we hold on to control we can never truly walk in peace.  Giving over to the creator of the universe can seem hard at times, but once we do we will taste everlasting peace.

Niki Hodgson

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