At first as I typed the words to this chapter, I was surprised that the word brokenness even came up. It was like I was typing something so profound, yet at the same time I did not fully understand the meaning behind it. The word almost leaped from the page at me. And the more I read about brokenness, the more I realise there was still some hidden truths to be uncovered. One day I came across this post from Boyd Baily, author of a devotional website titled, Wisdom Hunters. I would like to share this excerpt from his blog.

Brokenness is a prerequisite to God’s thorough usefulness. Before brokenness we were still self-sufficient and self-dependent. There was no authentic humility. It was either false or non-existence. Before brokenness anger lurked behind the corner of every unsuspecting victim.

Before brokenness prayer was a routine rather than a necessity. Our fellowship was not sweet and refreshing. Before brokenness our life could be explained by our own efforts. There was no resurrection power, harvesting results. Rather, results were rooted in our limited strength. Before brokenness there was a subtle spiritual pride that intimidated or impressed others by our “wisdom”, instead of pointing them to the Author of wisdom.

Brokenness is the rite of passage to blessings. It is a bridge across into the depths of God’s love and intimacy, but it is not without discomfort, even pain. Brokenness seems on the surface failure, but on the contrary, it positions us for success. A sleek, stubborn and strong-willed stallion must be broken before it can benefit its riders. Otherwise, its unfocused energy ravages its environment and terrorizes those with whom it comes in contact. Our full potential can’t be unleashed without heaven’s taming. The “choking point” in spiritual maturity isn’t from outside forces.

Let God break your will, before it breaks you.

Oh my word! What a well written piece.  Like poetry that hits you in the face. I especially meditated on the word prerequisite, as it is what qualifies you. It’s of vital importance, in order to be used by God. Without it we only rely on our own limited human strength and efforts. We look to ourselves and our accomplishments. I could see in myself how I allowed spiritual pride to control much of my conversations with other Christians. Using my head knowledge to gain acceptance and admiration.  A trade I now despise. One of my biggest pet peeves is being in the presence of someone who is flexing their spiritual muscles. It’s a characteristic of pride and I really loath it. It’s clear to me that brokenness gives birth to humility.  A personality trade I have been asking for, for a long time.  I guess we never fully understand the magnitude of what we ask for in prayer until God honours our prayers and give us exactly what we ask for.

Niki Hodgson

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